Today, India is emerging as a strong, economically stable and financially vibrant nation and is poised to soar to greater heights. The nation intends to leverage its rich and vast human resource with particular focus on their knowledge, skills and experience and their spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive further growth and development. To achieve this, education through formal courses and hands-on training should be accompanied by exposure to inter-disciplinary subjects, understanding of convergence of science and law, applications and valuation of technology, amongst many others.

The world today is a global playing field for educational institutes, industries, corporates and entrepreneurs. This has opened new opportunities for our citizens, but has also exposed us to the perils inherent in new ventures, new ideas and new technologies.

To make our youth more prepared to such varied scenarios, we should attempt to expose them to different, but relevant subject matters, one of the most important and critical ones being managing IP. It is the endeavour of the team of GNA Patent GurukulĀ® to impart courses in the field of Knowledge Management, through specifically tailored options to learn about IP, Patents, IP management, Patent laws and so on.

It is my pride and privilege to invite you to come and join us at GNA Patent GurukulĀ®. We have successfully completed several batches in Mumbai and two batches in Pune.

I look forward to an opportunity to interact with each and every one of you and let our small contribution lead to the progress of this country.

Welcome aboard !

Srividya Ravi



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(From Left to Right) Dr. M. Venkateswarlu, Drug Controller General India, Mr. T. C. James, Director, Intellectual Property Rights, Govt of India, and Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair inaugurating the Annual Event and Diploma Awards Ceremony of the 2nd batch of students at GNAs Patent Gurukul.